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Versatile Abrasive Steel Strips

January 2019

You find this small and most useful „tool“ in many dental offices for polishing composites, ceramics and amalgam in interproximal spaces. Entirely produced in our premises these strips guarantee fast results at very reasonable costs. The strips are coated on one side in the grain size of 60 µ and come in the widths of 4, 6 and 8 mm. Convenient pack sizes of 12 pieces/bag.

Becht4care® – On top of safety and comfort

December 2018

This new alcohol-based (surgical) hand disinfecting gel makes the difference:

  • Highly effective against bacteria, incl. MRSA (EN 1040/13727) and yeast (EN 1276/13624) in 30 seconds
  • tuberculocidal (M.terrae) in 1 minute (EN 14348)
  • inactivates HBV/HCV/HIV/BVDV in 1 minute
  • leaves no sticky feeling after application
  • softens and refreshes the skin thanks to its moisturizing ingredients
  • quick absorption and very pleasently scented
  • different bottle sizes for all fields of application – private and professional

Becht4care® – everything you expect!

Bechtol S plus – Disinfection/cleaning liquid for reusable instruments

October 2018

The use of disinfection measures to prevent from cross contamination and to protect humans´ health is mandatory world over. As renowned specialist and manufacturer of disinfecting liquids for many years we have designed new Bechtol S plus ready-to-use solution to disinfect all kind of rotating instruments. The broad microbicidal spectrum includes

  • effectiveness against tuberculosis in 30 minutes (EN 14348)
  • inactivation of Polio, Rota and Noro viruses in 15 minutes (EN 14476)
  • sporicidal activity in 30 minutes (EN 13704)
  • and is suitable for use in an ultrasound device in 5 minutes

Go beyond well-worn routes and take profit of a new way of hygiene management to make your work safer and more profitable.

Color your life with the new “Topliner neo Tray Paper” – Our new tray paper in pink, lime, azur, orange and white

February 2018
  • top modern colors
  • available in different sizes: for instrument trays (280 x 180 mm) and tray
  • tables (280 x 360 mm)
  • high absorbent and tear-resistant even when wet
  • ecological friendly pulp
  • chloride, dioxin and formaldehyde-free
  • weight: 55 g/m²
  • contents: 250 sheets/box
  • Made in Germany

Articulating Paper – Impressions to validate the excellent results of your dental treatment

August 2017

Showing excellent marking properties, our articulating paper is available in different shapes and color shades, now produced with significantly increased capacity at our premises to satisfy our customers´ expectations and to open new markets. ArtEXACT, our wafer-thin (15µ) and tear-resistant articulating paper has been added for identifying and marking even the most minor occlusal dysfunctions. Outstanding price/performance ratio guaranteed.

Hygiene management – Innovative opaline glass now with high level of temperature acceptance

June 2015

Thanks to its heat resistance, durability and valency, opaline glass is particularly suitable as a means of organisation for the safe storage of small products, medical devices or absorbent cotton products. Increasing regulatory requirements and the pressure to achieve greater efficiency in dental practices have brought forth a new generation of autoclaves that facilitate the preparation of the devices in even shorter cycles. This means that modern opaline products are exposed to substantial temperature changes in the heating-up and, in particular, the subsequent cooling-down process which, being iterative, strain opaline glass’s thermal properties to their very limits. In order to comply with these increased product requirements in the long term, the Würzburg-based silicate research institute Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung ISC, commissioned by Alfred Becht GmbH, has modified the previous composition of the opaline glass product line in such a way that the glass products can have an even higher tolerance level vis-à-vis quick changesin the temperature. This concerns the temperature spectrum between room temperature and 150 °C. Subsequently the Fraunhofer-Institut also supported the implementation from a production-technologystandpoint. Thanks to the skilful selection of input materials and the redefinition of the melting and cooling curve, a balance was found between desired and undesired effects regarding the physical properties of the glasses.

All of Alfred Becht GmbH’s opaline glasproducts are nowmanufactured using the new glass mixture formula and thus comply with the prevailing requirements of safe storage for medical devices and other products. They can still be used without any restrictions in thermo-disinfectors and autoclaves.




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